Jodie's placement year journey - part 2

We've been following the journey of Jodie, a psychology with placement year student, at her placement at The Lyme Trust. In part 2 of Jodie's placement journey, she has given us a weekly insight into her work at The Lyme Trust and how this has inspired her to try and make a difference in the homeless community. 

17 October 2019

Help the homeless campaign poster After witnessing some really negative comments from the general public, I decided to start my own 'HELP THE HOMELESS CAMPAIGN'. I'm not being given money or additional grades for my efforts, I'm doing this because I feel the community need more information on how to help the homeless. People stereotype the homeless, but they aren't all the same. Some have mental health issues, some people have been a victim of domestic or sexual abuse, some have lost everything in their lives due to circumstances out of their control. Whether rich, poor, upper class, middle class, ethnicity or religion, everyone deserves a chance to better themselves. I have produced posters to help to raise awareness of my campaign and would like to thank Tesco, Aldi, Iceland, Morrisons, Vue, Bar Social in Newcastle-under-Lyme and the KPA and Chapel at Keele University for displaying my posters and leaflets to raise awareness to HELP THE HOMELESS. I will now be venturing into other areas of the City to display more. Let's make a change!

23 October 2019

Jodie's placement year journey The past few days seem to have been a whirlwind. What started off as wanting to display some posters and leaflets to raise awareness on how to help the homeless, I was able to discuss my campaign further with Stoke Sentinel, a local newspaper, all thanks to the experience of working with the outreach team at The Lyme Trust. To say I was nervous would be an understatement, however I am very passionate about this campaign so I knew I just HAD TO GO FOR IT! I was able to discuss in more detail why I am doing this and the amazing things The Lyme Trust are doing and planning for rough sleepers in the Newcastle-under-Lyme area. To further raise awareness, I have now decided to hold a volunteer day in the local town centres to give out posters and leaflets to the public, to explain what the campaign is about and the professionals who can help those less fortunate. This gives rough sleepers more of a chance to find a room for Christmas or have some knowledge of where to go for a Christmas dinner. I've also decided I would like to create homeless survival kits with toiletries, socks, gloves, biscuits, water and an instant hot drink, to hand out to any rough sleepers that we may see when out and about. These are not expensive to make, so if every volunteer created one we would be making a big difference. I also want to say a huge thank you to Greggs, TK Maxx, Intu Potteries and Wetherspoons in Hanley for displaying my posters in their staff rooms and the City Cafe for displaying on their shop floor. Another big thank you to Tesco whose community champion is displaying posters and leaflets all over Stoke-on-Trent both in staff rooms and on the shop floor! 

29 October 2019

I've been having lots of meetings to raise awareness of my 'Help the Homeless Campaign' and today's meeting went EXTREMELY WELL! I've have spoken to the lead social worker of the Douglas Macmillan Hospice and a Birmingham Univeristy social work student in regards to my aims for the campaign. They were really impressed with my work and are interested in collaborating and researching further. They would like to raise awareness EVEN FURTHER....AND TOGETHER! I could not be happier! On top of this, they have taken amples of posters and leaflets to display through the staff areas as well as hand out to visitors of the hospice. Furthermore, the Birmingham University student said she would be happy to help send my project to the Birmingham areas, handing posters and leaflets to a vast amount of social work students. I could not be more chuffed! Time to get my research on and continue with this amazing journey!

5 November 2019

Homelessness Event Today I held a bonfire dinner at The Lyme Trust, with about 30-35 residents attending and wanting to taste the bonfire inspired food! Whilst talking through the recipes to residents and giving them the opportunity to take copies home, it was a real overwhelming moment hearing all the amazing things they think of the food and of myself working there! Today has helped them to socialise and share their thoughts on food, discussing what they liked about a dish, what they would change, what they would enjoy cooking and what they are looking forward to me cooking next. 

Overall the placement at The Lyme Trust suits me down to the ground! I'm able to socialise, share my knowledge, listen to life stories, help people with their mental health....but at the same time.....enjoy spending time with lovely people that have just been dealt a wrong card in life and need support in changing.

If you are interested in getting involved in my campaign or your work place would like to display posters and/or leaflets, please contact me

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