Transforming communities since 1949

Keele has provided the blueprint for how universities can transform their local communities. By reimagining our founding principles from 1949 and working with our partners, we’re leading one of the largest and most successful university-led regeneration programmes in the country - advancing our local NHS, supporting our SMEs, creating jobs, and generating £345m per year in the local economy.

Investing in communities

We have reimagined our founding principles from 1949 that set about to foster societal recovery and reinvention, delivering a far-reaching regeneration programme that is having a significant impact on the regional economy. Find out how our work is benefiting one of the most economically-deprived parts of England >

"Not many places have the advantage of this University in their patch, that can bring new jobs and more money into the local economy, which in turn will support the local high streets and support our economic recovery. I see Keele as a huge benefit for the constituency and integrating the University with new companies is absolutely key to getting more money into our local economy."

Aaron Bell, MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme, January 2021.

Improving healthcare locally, nationally and globally

From supporting the local NHS community to undertaking globally-significant research, improving the health and wellbeing of people both at home and across the world is one of Keele's key priorities.

Research that changes lives

Keele is helping to change the world for the better by engaging in research that makes a difference. We’re tackling some of society’s most urgent problems, including ageing, global health and renewable energy.

Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion

Achieving a greater degree of social inclusion is of critical importance to the development of just, integrated, diverse, cohesive and thriving societies in an increasingly interdependent world.

The Keele Institute for Social Inclusion draws together a vibrant community of partners from across a variety of sectors to tackle the issues of inequality on a local, national and global scale. By promoting and supporting a wide range of interdisciplinary research.

Community Legal Outreach Collaboration Keele (CLOCK)

Community Legal Outreach Collaboration Keele (CLOCK)

Founded over 10 years ago, CLOCK is a unique and innovative project bringing together universities, law firms, barristers chambers, mediation, charitable and court services to educate, assist, monitor and promote access to justice for disadvantaged communities.

Embedding Sustainability in everything we do

Keele is proud to be leading the way with vital research, education and training that has positive impacts on the long-term sustainability of our societies, environments and ecosystems.