Keele Institute for Social Inclusion

Keele Institute for Social Inclusion (KISI) aims to draw together a vibrant community of partners across sectors to tackle the issues of inequality on a local, national and global scale. 

The Institute promotes and supports a wide range of interdisciplinary research, co-created with external partners, that seeks to identify, explain and overcome social, economic, political and cultural obstacles to egalitarian respect and social inclusion.

Membership of the Institute is open to all.  If you would like to join us, please follow this link and complete the simple online form.

KISI, along with the Institute for Sustainable Futures, the Digital Society Institute and Institute for Global Health, are focused on delivering transformative interdisciplinary research in response to United Nation Sustainable Development Goals, both in the UK and elsewhere in the world. KISI’s work has been organised into the three priority themes focused on: tackling inequalities; supporting communities; and interrogating democracies, which are in turn associated with our current Challenge Areas. Within each theme and Challenge Area we bring together researchers from across the university along with external partners to address a range of problems related to the marginalisation, under-representation and disempowerment of various social groups.

The collaborations we foster aim to draw on our world-class research on these issues to stimulate positive and practical interventions that can address these social problems of exclusion and injustice. KISI also hosts the coCREATE network, launched in 2021, this network integrates all the innovative community-based, collaborative and creative research across the University.

Our partners