Keele Deals

Keele Deal | Culture

Keele Deal | Culture

Keele Deal | Culture was launched in 2019, setting out a landmark agreement between Keele University and local partners, issuing shared ambitions to realise full potential of the University's cultural resources and assets for the benefit of the local area.

Keele Deal | Recovery banner

Keele Deal | Recovery

Keele University launched Keele Deal | Recovery on 17 February 2021. The Deal builds on the University's strong and diverse history of local collaborations, setting out significant commitments that will aid and strengthen local recovery following Covid-19.

Keele Deal | Inclusion - launching in 2021

Keele Deal | Inclusion will be dedicated to bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders to work with our academics in evidence-based practical projects across the region for the purpose of building action-based strategies for doing 'social change' differently (i.e. inclusively).

The Deal will be founded on four interdependent pillars:

  • Collaborative partnerships development;
  • Community engagement and capacity building;
  • Accelerated regional leadership;
  • Facilitating innovation-driven entrepreneurship models in business, education, the arts and statutory and non-statutory service delivery

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