‘Figurations of “Siege Mentality”‬ in Israeli Film’: lecture by Professor Nitzan Ben-Shaul

On 7 February Professor Nitzan Ben-Shaul, Professor of Film and Television Studies at Tel Aviv University, delivered a talk on ‘Siege Mentality’ in Israeli war films. Siege mentality refers to a widespread belief held by many Israeli Jews that they are living in a besieged State facing a hostile world. This mentality derives from historical experiences, religious traditions, and Israel’s predominant state ideology. Professor Ben-Shaul’s talk focused on four films on war produced in Israel during distinct periods: the ‘War of Independence’ (1948), the ‘Six Day War’ (1967), the ‘Day of Atonement War’ (1973) and the ‘First Lebanon War’ (1982).

You can view the lecture here: https://youtu.be/CkIlEPu1D8U