Upcoming Research Seminars: October 2015 - May 2016

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Posted on 17 September 2015

For further information please contact Julia Lawton (American Studies seminars) Dr Nicholas Seager (English seminars).


English seminar: 14 October 2:15pm - CBB0.030

John Jowett (Birmingham)

'James Roberts, Thomas Heywood, and the First Quarto of Hamlet'


American Studies: 21 October 5pm - CBB1.030 (David Bruce Centre)

Sue Currell (Sussex)

'"It was impossible to write about it - and even this letter must be general." The Editorial dialectics of "New Masses" magazine and the CPUSA in the 1930s'


English seminar: 28 October 2:15pm - CBB0.010

Ceri Morgan (Keele)

'Walking Studies and Literary Analysis'


David Bruce Centre for American Studies "Memorial Lecture": 30th October, 5-7pm - Lecture Theatre CBA 0.060

Professor Don Doyle from the University of South Carolina will be coming to speak about the international dynamics of the American Civil War in a lecture entitled "The Cause of All Nations," a subject on which he has recently published a book. There will be a wine and cheese reception in the atrium of the Chancellor's building before the lecture from 5-5.30pm and the lecture will commence at 5.30pm until 7pm.


English seminar: 11th November 2:15pm - CBB0.010

Sara Read (Loughborough)

'"Thanksgiving after Twice Miscarrying": Divine Will, Women, and Miscarriage in Early Modern England'


American Studies: 11 November 5pm - CBB1.030 (David Bruce Centre)

Theresa Saxon (University of Central Lancashire)

'"In Dahomey" in England: A [Negative] Transatlantic Performance Heritage'


English seminar: 25 November 2.15pm – CBB0.030

Susan Bruce (Keele)

‘Epistemologies of the Uterus, or Windows on the Womb: Gendering Gender in Hunter, Nilsson and Contemporary Televisual Drama’


American Studies: 2nd December, 5pm - CBB1.030 (David Bruce Centre)

Harriet Earle (Birkbeck)

'How we talk about sexual violence and why and so what? A Comics Case Study'


English seminar: 9th December, 2.15pm - CBB0.010

Marcus Walsh (Liverpool)

'Mimesis and Understanding in Johnson's 1765 Notes to Shakespeare'


English seminar: 3rd February, 4.15pm - CBB0.010

David Francis Taylor (Warwick)

'Classic Ground: Johnson, Macbeth, and the Textual Landscape'


English seminar: 17th February, 2.15pm - CBB0.010

Anna Camilleri (Christ Church College, Oxford)

'In Want of a Hero: Byron's Don Juan'


English seminar: 2nd March, 2.15pm - CBB0.010

Matthew Rubery (Queen Mary, University of London)

'Tapeworms: Books on Tape and the People Who Love Them'


English seminar: 16 March, 2.15pm – CBB0.030

Andrew Thacker (Nottingham Trent)

‘The Modern Bookshop’


English seminar: 13th April, 2.15pm - CBB0.010

Jude Roberts (Keele)

'Contemporary Pornographic Comics and the Politics of Sexual Representation'


English seminar: 18th May, 2.15pm - CBB0.010

Clare Hutton (Loughborough)

'Ulysses and the Little Review'