Outreach Librarians

The Outreach Library and Information Service is for NHS staff working in the community in North Staffordshire, including primary care or Combined Healthcare staff, or NHS partners (including social care and public health). You can contact Clare Powell or Liz Haines.

Clare Powell : Telephone 0300 123 1535 ext/FeatureNet 8429 (answerphone available) or 01782 679564; Email: clareh.powell@combined.nhs.uk   

Liz Haines : Telephone 01785 230678; Email: elizabeth.haines@mpft.nhs.uk

For more information see your local intranet: NHS Combined Healthcare Intranet:: NHS North Staffs and Stoke-on-Trent Intranet

NHS Outreach Service

We make it easier for you to access books, journals and electronic resources, and help you get the information you want, without the need to visit the Health Library. We provide a flexible service and are happy to come to your workplace to discuss your information needs and provide individual or group training sessions.

You can view some example literature searches:

Browse through Literature Searches (primary care, social care)

  • nail surgery audits (for a podiatrist)
  • skin tear classification schemes (for nurses)
  • tariffs for children’s services (for commissioners)
  • health benefits of swimming (for public health)
  • steroids for COPD (for a community nurse)
  • patient and public involvement in commissioning (for commissioners)
  • diagnosing aspiration pneumonia (for speech and language therapists)
  • innovative ways of delivering training (for a manager)
  • impact of occupational therapy interventions for apraxia (for occupational therapists)
  • an evaluation of bias in the recruitment interview process
  • evaluating the competency frameworks and taxonomy grids and their application to supporting student nurses and newly employed nurses
  • the effectiveness of interventions and management of pre-diabetes
  • evaluating the performance of prognostic indicators, in particular the "palliative performance scale" (PPSv2)
  • a review of the literature considering the democratic and participative styles of leadership approached from an academic perspective

Browse through Literature Searches (Mental Health)

  • What are the cognitive effects of Keppra on patients?
  • Information on psychological treatments or support for patients suffering from chronic headache
  • Studies reporting on psychology or psycho-educational groups involving an expert patient or service user consultation,for patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis or any other chronic condition
  • The management and treatment of eating disorders in children or the elderly
  • The effectiveness and outcomes of CBT in patients suffering from dysthymia
  • Nurse prescribing in primary care alcohol detoxification services
  • Use of consultations in psychology services generally and more specifically in services for looked after children
  • Incidence of epilepsy in children, young people or adults with a diagnosis of ASD or Autism
  • How can patient stories be used as a teaching tool and to measure impact in practice?
  • The Nurse consultant role in infection prevention and control and evidence for improvement in patient outcomes  

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