Digital Society Institute

Scientific breakthroughs and societal transformation via responsible data science and digital technology.

The Digital Society Institute's vision is to bring together major strands of expertise from across Keele that can contribute to a digital economy and society, and by doing so make a real difference.​
From ‘data, analytics and AI’ right through ‘ethics and regulation’ on to ‘future service design and behavioural insights’ the DSI aims to create an interdisciplinary and intersectoral community including researchers, students and businesses to make a positive difference to society, creating new partnerships and contributing at regional, national and international levels.​

With academic expertise to develop research partnerships, support programmes, and talented students and graduates on hand, the Institute is specifically designed to support businesses.

The new institute will provide an environment for Keele's world-leading research to interact with local communities – sharing our research expertise with relevant industries including health, business, energy and computing.

Launching in summer 2023, the Institute will be based within IC7 and will have access to a Data Visualisation Suite, office space, and hi-tech meeting and collaboration space. Through the University's commitment to the region in its Keele Deal Recovery, IC7 will support over 400 SMEs over an 18 month period. The facility will enable businesses to keep pace with fast-changing technologies.