Our facilities

You have access to a range of facilities at the Health Library to support your studies and work.

For Keele students and staff

  • You can borrow a Keele laptop from the counter; only available as a day loan
  • Adhoc access to Keele computers in the training room
  • Use your Keele card or NHS Health Library card to pay for printing
  • Printing in black/white and colour
  • Headphones can be borrowed on request

For NHS staff

  • 10 workstations; you must have a Trust login to use these PCs
  • PCs are located in the rotunda as well as in the old photocopier room
  • Printing in black/white only
  • NHS staff may use Keele workstations on application to the Library counter. Please bring your library card to the counter and ask for a temporary Keele login
  • Headphones can be borrowed on request


Wifi at the Health Library is delivered in association with UHNM IT. This should be available as Eduroam. Please contact the CEC IT department if you require more help. The team is based in the Clinical Education Centre.

NHS Users can use the Keele wifi network within the Keele buildings at the UHNM. You will need to sign for a temporary Keele network login and then set up the connection as above.

NHS users wishing to use the UHNM network wifi should contact the UHNM IT department.

Walk-in Access

NHS users can access the Keele University network by requesting a temporary login from the main counter. You must have your Library card with you. This login can only be used on the Keele networked computers or laptops available at the Health Library.

You can then access Keele networked resources including databases and journals.

Scanning is available via the Keele multi-functional printers. This is a free service, activate the machine using your Keele / Library card.

Photocopying facilites are available at the Health Library. Users can pay via Keele Card or with their NHS Health Library Card. Cards can have credit loaded at the library till. For photocopying charges please see the Keele IT pages for details of costs.

Non-library members without a card can request photocopying at the library counter. They will be charged 3p per A4 sheet for black/white and 10 per A4 sheet for colour.

The Print & Copy shop at the Keele Student Union also offers printing and photocopying services, including a thesis binding service.

There is a varied study environment within the Rotunda at the Library, including relaxed study furniture, a group study pod, formal study desks and a silent study room. Power sockets are available for users to use with their laptops.

We offer a binding and laminating service. See the noticeboard for charges.

The Library sells a number of useful items, including memory sticks, pens, highlighters, plastic wallets, staplers, envelopes, etc. Please see the noticeboard for a full list and prices.

Stationery price list