Campus Nature Trail


Stop 21

There is a lot to see here and we have come a long way since this post-war picture from the Keele archives, taken from the Library! You will see that the chapel below had not yet been built.

Union square post war

point-21 rowans by chapel

First, outside the Chapel is a row of Mountain Ashes or Rowans.

They have a good display of white flowers in late spring and a profuse crop of red berries in the autumn, at which time they are attractive to birds such as Starlings and Mistle Thrushes.

Ulmus clusius 'New Horizon'

In front of the Library is a double row of Elms planted in 2012. They are Ulmus clusias 'New Horizon', a strain resistant to the devasting Dutch Elm disease that killed off so many of our native elms. These elms were planted as part of the refurbishment of Union Square in 2012.


There are a number of trees planted around the edge of the square. They include Red Maple, Silver Maple, Szechuan Birch, Persian Ironwood, Henry's Lime, Eastern Plane and Honey Locust. The species were chosen because their autumn colours were those on the Keele crest - yellow, green, red and blue.

campus trail map