Other Plants and Animals at Keele

Keele University has a wide variety of other fauna and flora - apart from trees! Some of this variety, e.g. the birds, has been well-studied, other aspects not so well. Much of this accumulated knowledge is available on the pages below. Keele is a good site for the naturalist and the casual observer of the natural world. The area is criss-crossed with paths from which to enjoy the variety of flora and fauna to be found here.

Below are links to further information on that variety. If you come across anything of interest then do let me know so that we can update the records. Also, significant sightings can be added to the sightings page.

As well as the trees, there are pages on :

buzzard speckled wood     garden tiger  dungfly meligethes  
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dragonfly   hornet WoodSorrel   fungus squirrel
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