True Flies (Diptera) of Keele

Hoverfly Diptera are insects that have just one pair of wings as opposed to all other winged insects that have two pairs. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are, with a few exceptions, the study of specialists rather than the casual naturalist!

The diptera in this list were recorded by random searching. Most of the records come from the area between the old sewage works and the entrance from Lymes Road. Here there are plenty of umbellifers, brambles and thistles. Barnes Dell is also good for shade-loving species.

It is difficult to categorise the diptera as they have not been well recorded in the county. However, amongst them are a few indicators of old woodland eg. Brachypalpoides lenta and Xylophagus ater. Arctophila fulva is a northern species at the southern end of its range while Megasyrphus annulipes and Criorhina floccosa are scarce species in Staffordshire generally. The following are described as 'Notable' in English Nature's 'Red Data Book of Insects' : Pteromicra angustipennis, Arctophila fulva, Brachypalpoides lenta, Didea fasciata, Megasyrphus annulipes and Platycheirus tarsalis.

The flies in this list reflect my personal interest hence the lack of craneflies, midges etc.

Please send any sightings to me by E-Mail or to Geography, Geology and the Environment, William Smith Building.

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Photo : Hoverfly Eristalis tenax