UK Ontology Network


The Sixth UK Ontology Network meeting (#ukon2018) will take place on Monday, April 30th, 2018 at Keele University. The aims of this meeting are as follows:

  • To enable dissemination of ontology and related forms of knowledge representation relevant work from across multiple disciplines
  • To encourage collaboration and cooperation between different members of UK organisations working in this area
  • To help establish a research agenda in ontology and better communication with funding councils and industry needs

Topics of Interest

We encourage attendance from those working in both public and private sector, academic and industrial, research and applied work and from across all fields including, but not limited to:
  • Geographic Information
  • Social Media
  • Traditional Media
  • Health and Biology
  • Finance
  • Security
  • Governmental Data

Applications may include, but not limited to:

  • Knowledge graphs
  • Ontology curation & annotation
  • Data publishing
  • Data integration

Important Dates

2nd March, 2018 Deadline for submissions
16th March, 2018 Deadline for notifications
30th April, 2018 Workshop day



Organising Committee

  • Dr Goksel Misirli & Dr Allison Gardner (Keele University)
  • Dr Phillip Lord & Dr Jennifer Warrender (Newcastle University)
  • Dr James Malone (FactBio)
  • Prof. Robert Stevens (Manchester University)


Programme details will be available soon.


Registration details will be available soon. A small registration fee (£35) will be charged to cover catering.

Although UK Ontology Network is a UK-centric network, we encourage participation from those in Europe and across the world.


We invite short abstracts for short talks, demos and posters. The abstracts should be around 300 words. The main review criteria are the relevance and balance across the topics of interest to the UKON community. Please submit using the following link:


The meeting will take place at:
Keele Hall
Keele University



The UK Ontology Network is an informal and voluntary coordination between people based in the United Kingdom and working in the area of ontology and ontology related technology. Members of the network include people from all areas of science and industry and across all disciplines. The mission of the network is:

  1. to improve cooperation between the members of UK organizations engaged in ontology activites
  2. to encourage collaboration between those presently working in, and those potentially interested in, ontology development, research and application of ontologies within the UK
  3. to expose the work of those based in the UK working in ontology and give the community better visibility on a world stage

If you would like to engage with this network please join the Google Group mailing list at the following URL:

Join the Network

If you have any interest in ontologies and are based in the UK or wish to collaborate or communicate with those in the UK ontology community, we would encourage you to join the Google Group mailing list at the following link:

Note: this mailing list does not exlcude those based outside the UK, however, the primary purpose of this group is in connecting the across the UK ontology community.


Contact the UKON

If you have a question or comment you'd like to post to the UK Ontology Network we would encourage you to contact the Google Group mailing list as a means of communicating with all members. Please email:

Or subscribe to the mailing list: 

Contact the local organisers

If you have any other issues, such as administrative questions please contact Dr Goksel Misirli and Dr Allison Gardner.

Previous UKON

  • UKON 2016, Newcastle University, UK
  • UKON 2015, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK 
  • UKON 2014, Aston University, Birmingham, UK
  • UKON 2013, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK
  • UKON 2012, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK