I completed my PhD at Keele under the supervision of Prof Julius Kaplunov, based on the control and suppression of elastic waves using periodic meta-materials. During this time I started lecturing and delivering tutoring, specialising in working with students with disabilities. Following this, I moved to the University of Glasgow as a Lecturer in Applied Maths, where I was part of the first year lecturing team that won the Jon Nimmo teaching award.

Since moving back to Keele in 2020 as a Lecturer in Mathematics I've helped to develop modules for the Data Science Apprenticeship, Data Science BSc and online-only Masters level courses, as well as delivering teaching for the Mathematics BSc and MMath programmes; in recognition of this range of teaching, I have been given the "Rising Star in Education" Keele Excellence Award.

Research and scholarship

My research interests are based around the control and suppression of elastic waves by using periodic meta-materials. This has focused mainly on the use of asymptotic models to predict the approximate Rayleigh surface wave motion in an elastic half-space with periodic insertions or coatings. I am also involved in pedagogic scholarship and am currently undertaking an MA in Higher Education Practice, with my main interest being to reduce the attainment gap of students with disabilities in Mathematics.



  • MAT-10046 Calculus
  • MAT-40011 Analytic Functions
  • CSC-10058 Introduction to Data Science I
  • CSC-10060 Introduction to Data Science II
  • CSC-10044 Numerical and Computational Skills
  • CSC-10054 Calculus for Data Scientists
  • CSC-20059 Computational Maths with Python
  • CSC-40092 Mathematics for AI and Data Science

Admin roles

  • First Year Tutor (Mathematics and Data Science)
  • Foundation Year Link Tutor
  • Project Coordinator for Mathematics BSc and MMath


School of Computer Science and Mathematics
Keele University