Research in Computing and Mathematics

Our research spans a range of areas in computer science and mathematics, including fluid and solid dynamics, software engineering, medical statistics, evolutionary systems, number theory, computational intelligence, engineering mathematics and computational biology.

Our research has impact in many areas. We work on the modelling and understanding of tsunamis and the role of oceans in climate dynamics. We are at the forefront of computational modelling and analysis of the evolution of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria. We are among the world leaders in the area of evidence-based software engineering. We apply mathematical modelling to understand the behaviour of bones and arteries and to improve the design of prosthetic implants and stem cell treatments. Our work on deciphering encrypted documents, such as the Voynich manuscript, has very high profile worldwide coverage. We collaborate with the world leading Keele Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences on the use of medical statistics to underpin the evidence-based improvement of primary care services.

According to the latest UK research assessment, the REF 2014, all of our research is classed as internationally recognized with around 75% of our published papers being considered internationally excellent or world leading.

We have an excellent track record of getting external grant funding from the UK research funding agencies EPSRC and BBSRC, the EU research funding programme Horizon2020 , and charities such as the Leverhulme Trust. We also have collaborative industrial research projects (KTP) funded by the InnovateUK and partner companies.

We maintain a vibrant research environment, with over 30 PhD students and several Research Fellows in the School. Our weekly Computer Science and Mathematics research seminar series host many eminent scientists from the UK and around the world. We also have regular meetings for our research theme groups, which involve collaboration with colleagues from other Schools and Research Institutes within the university (e.g. primary care research, neuroscience, rehabilitation engineering, psychology).

Computer Science PhD/MPhil postgraduate research.

Mathematics PhD/MPhil postgraduate research.

Keele University studentships, when available, are funded internally or from external sponsors such as research councils or from industry. If you are interested in any of the studentships available you can apply online.