I graduated from Saratov State University, Russia, in 2000 and was awarded a PhD in Theoretical Solid Mechanics from the University of Salford in 2004. After my PhD I spent two years as a postdoc at the Russian State Technical University of Railways (Moscow), working on train dynamics, and was then appointed a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics within the same University. In 2007 I moved to the famous Bauman Moscow State Technical University, where I spent six years before coming to Keele in 2013.

Research and scholarship

My research interests are mainly focussed around vibrations and wave propagation in continuum mechanics; more specifically I am interested in surface, interfacial and edge waves in elastic solids. Another recent aspect of my research is mechanics of strongly inhomogeneous solids.


  • MAT-10046 Calculus (spring semester)
  • MAT-30002 Nonlinear Differential Equqations
  • MAT-30047 Introduction to Linear Elasticity


Research themes

Multi-scale modelling of nano and meta materials

Theoretical Solid Mechanics

School of Computer Science and Mathematics
Keele University