I obtained my Ph.D. from the University of Vienna, Austria, in November 2017. I got my first postdoctoral from the Technical University of Vienna in 2018. Then, I moved to Germany and joined the Institute of Applied Mathematics, Leibniz Unversity of Hannover. During my doctoral and postdoctoral postdoctoral, I collaborated with several international scholars and visited a couple of institutes, including the University of Oxford. I joined School of the School of Computer Science and Mathematics, Keele University, as a Lecturer in August 2023.

Research and scholarship

I am an applied mathematician who works on modeling and simulation of real-world problems related to solid/fluid mechanics, nano/micro-electronics, and biology. I use partial differential equations (PDEs) to model the physical/biological systems and develop numerical methods to solve the model problems more efficiently. My research interests include:

  1. Uncertainty Quantification:
    • numerical methods for stochastic PDEs
    • MCMC methods and Bayesian inversion
    • Numerical Analysis
  2. Numerical Analysis
    • numerical treatment of PDEs
    • finite element methods (error analysis)
    • computational mathematics
  3. Scientific Computing
    • Computational mechanics and electronics
    • multiscale methods
    • reduced-order methods
    • machine learning and deep learning

Further information

School of Computer Science and Mathematics
Keele University