Campus Nature Trail

Stop 5

point-05-2 hornbeam

Here can be found one of the most magnificent Hornbeams Carpinus betulus in North Staffordshire. It is native to SE England and so is generally commoner further south. In North Staffordshire it is a scattered tree with few large plantings. The timber is one of the hardest and strongest of all and was used in the past for cartwheels and mill-cogs. It is still used for making the hammers in pianos. It makes a good hedging plant and holds its dead leaves well in to the winter. The fruits, which resemble Chinese lanterns, appear in the late summer.


In front of the Hornbeam are three Limes: a Small-leaved Lime Tilia cordata, Large-leaved Lime Tilia platyphyllos and a Caucasian Lime Tilia euchlora.

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