Campus Nature Trail

Stop 6

point-06 large-leaved limes by Walter Moberly

In front of the Walter Moberly Hall there is a small group of Limes Tilia. From left to right of the photograph we have:

A Silver Lime Tilia tomentosa . This is a tree of the Black Sea and Caucasus region exhibiting large leaves. The leaves are covered in dense woolly hairs unsuited to aphids making it a better tree for sitting under than the Common Lime Tilia x europaea from which a constant "rain" of sticky honeydew falls in the summer.

Two Large-leaved Limes Tilia platyphyllos - a native species. The leaves have a hairy top surface, hairy veins on the underside, hair leaf stem or petiole, 2 to 5 fruits per flower, each fruit rounded, very hairy and with 5 distinct ribs.

Between the Limes is a Cork Oak, planted in 2010 and on the opposite side of the path a Maidenhair Tree Ginkgo biloba.

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