The Trees at Keele

Caucasian Lime  Tilia euchlora

Caucasian Lime

Origin: a native of the Caucasus, it was introduced to the UK in the 1850s. It is not a common tree in collections but it is being used as a street tree because its leaves are generally free of aphids.

Trunk: unlike the Common Lime it generally has a clean bole for up to 3m then a sprawl of ascending branches that twist over and then descend in a kind of mushroom-like dome. The bark is smooth, leaden-grey with darker grey striations.

The shoots are typically bright chlorine-green, while the upper side of leaf is dark glossy green and the underside pale green with tufts of brownish hairs in leaf axils.

The fruits are rather oval or pear-shaped, compared to the more rounded fruits of the other lime species.

Location : There is one tree in front of the Hornbeam Building (square L7, tag 3613).