Our facilities

Currently, there are seven computer laboratories within the School comprising around 200 desktop PCs. Every PC has the current hardware and software needed for all modules on the degree programme and provide both Microsoft Windows and the Linux operating system. The School buildings are accessible 24 hours a day, every day.

The School has its own Computing Support team who set-up and administer all of the School facilities as well as provide support for research projects and for resolving any IT problems.

All of the School’s teaching materials (lecture slides, lab-sheets, tutorial sheets) are published on the university’s Virtual Learning Environment as the course progresses. One hundred percent of Keele computing students said that they were “able to access general IT resources” when needed and 97% said that they were able to access “specialised equipment, facilities, or rooms” (Unistats, 2017).

The school has its own Makerspace with 3D printers, Raspberry PIs, Arduinos and dedicated PCs. We provide various web servers and a cloud computing facility for student use. The school also hosts a CUDA GPU supercomputer Cluster for use across campus.

  • 24 hours access for SCM students

Lab locations

  • Reeves (CR10) - 74 PCs
  • Babbage (CR12) - 28 PCs
  • Knuth (CR113) - 20 PCs
  • Projects (CR7) – 11 PCs / 1 Apple iMac
  • Computer Science Study – 7 PCs / 1 Apple iMac
  • Maths Study – 16 PCs

iMac spec

21.5 inch screen
I5 processor
1 TB hard drives

PC specs

Windows 10 / Ubuntu Linux


Lenovo 8th Gen i7 16GB NVMe SSD
HP Elite All in One 23 inch monitors
I7-6700 3.40Ghz processor
AMD Radeon R9 GPU graphics card


USB 3.0

  • 24 PCs
  • 24 hours access for Gaming Society
  • Normal University working hours for SCM students


I5 8600K CPU processor
Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU graphics card
16GB 2400MHZ RAM
Asus Rog peripherals including headsets
Asus Rog 144hz 24 inch monitors

HTC Vive Pro (Wireless Wigig adaptor for free roam) x 2 controllers

PC Spec

I7-8700k CPU (water cooled) processor
16GB 3200MHZ RAM
Nvidia GTX 1080TI
27 inch monitor

  • 13 PCs
  • Various hardware e.g. Rasberry Pi/Arduino/EMG Spiker Boxes/Quadcopters, including 2 x 3D printers: Ultimaker 2 (filament) and Formlabs Form 1+ (resin)
  • 3D scanner
Athena Swan