Ways to help them prepare for university

Have a look at this timeline to see the sorts of tasks they will need to do before studies begin, and when they will need to do them to keep on track. This includes things like enrolment (online), and confirming accommodation where necessary.

Help them get all the items together on their packing checklist.

Please remember that students need a TV licence for watching live TV or certain on-demand channels.

Please help them ensure all their vaccinations are up to date for life in the UK; this includes the Men-ACWY vaccination for first-time university entrants. All adults in England can now book their Covid-19 jab too.

If they'll be moving to Keele to study with us, they will need to register with a local GP surgery. We have one on campus, and we encourage them to pre-register before arrival. 

Find out more here.

If this will be their first time away from home, it’s not too late to help them prepare for living independently. For example, it’s worthwhile teaching them how to cook some basic, nutritious meals, how to shop on a budget, and even things like how to use a washing machine, or change bedding.

We have our Residence Life Team to help students settle in if they are in on-campus accommodation - find out more here.

Alongside lifestyle tips, we recommend you give them some suggestions for how to manage their finances. We understand that managing a budget for the first time can be difficult, so Keele have invested in Blackbullion, a learning platform to help students get to grips with all things money. All new students can register, even before they arrive, using their Keele email address.

  • Encourage them to find other new students who will be on the same course, or in the same accommodation, online - it'll help reassure them that other students are feeling the same as them. An SU-run Facebook group will be launched soon, and is a great place for them connect with other students. 
  • Please encourage them to take part in events which will be running. All events during Welcome and throughout their time at Keele are in the Keele App, in the 'What's On' section.

Please advise them to get in touch with Student Services as early as they can to let us know of any particular support needs. Our experienced team will help them to feel supported, and all our services are available online. 

Students can also contact our counselling and mental health support team or disability and dyslexia support team directly too.

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