Counselling and Mental Health Support

University can be an exciting and happy time, but it can also bring with it stress and challenge. There may be a range of issues that affect your life and studies whilst at Keele or back at home. Most people seek help because they want to change the way they are thinking, feeling or behaving. Take a look through our web pages and get in touch if you need to speak to us.

Our team are all qualified mental health professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, and we try to match your current need with the most appropriate member of the team. Counsellors and the Mental Health Support Team work closely together to give you the best support we can, and to offer a service which is appropriate to your needs. 

If you are a member of University staff, we can also advise you in enabling you to support students who are struggling emotionally, or who have diagnosed mental health needs.

Please visit the staff health and wellbeing pages for more information about services available to staff.

Starting at University?

Starting university can be a wonderful and exciting experience, but it can also bring its own unique challenges. It’s natural to feel nervous or overwhelmed during the first few weeks at university, as you transition from one part of your life to another.

Of course, all of our support services are here for you if you would like any support - explore the options on these web pages and get in touch if you have any questions. Also, Student Minds have also produced a useful 'Transition into University' resource which you might like to take a look at, including helpful advice, tips and strategies (it's a PDF so it's easiest to view it on a computer).