Your welfare and wellbeing

It's so important that your time at Keele is spent feeling happy and healthy.

Our welfare support team are here for all Keele students - and you can get in touch with them in the same way as you contact all other Student Services. From helping you settle in when you first arrive, to raising awareness of important topics, and getting you through exam time with Exam Plus, the welfare team are here to help you.  

Throughout the year, the team can also provide you with information and advice about a broad range of topics, such as:

  • Accessing support specific to your circumstances. We are proud of our diverse student community and have lots of support options in place for particular student groups
  • Transitioning to University and our Keele Mentors scheme
  • Exploring the academic options available to you
  • Changing your course
  • Taking time away from your studies, either temporarily (known as a ‘leave of absence') or permanently
  • Helping other staff to support students effectively

The links below explore important topics, and the support available to you if you ever need it. 

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