Alcohol and drugs: support and guidance

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy learning community where all students are able to make positive life choices. There is lots of good advice out there about drinking responsibly from Drinkaware, and honest information about drugs from FRANK. As well, look out for our on-campus campaigns throughout the year to raise awareness about keeping yourself well. 

Whether you are affected by drug or alcohol misuse yourself or have a friend who is, it’s important to understand how to get help, how to report misuse, and the rules around it all.

The University and Students' Unions have a joint approach to student substance use which you can read about below. If you’re at all unsure as to what constitutes a prohibited substance, the document also details this. You can also read our student alcohol policy too. 

Getting support for yourself or a friend

Keele's rules on prohited substances

How to complain about prohibited substances on campus

The University and Students’ Union understand that vibrant student life often includes socialising while drinking, and has no wish to discourage sensible drinking. However, both organisations are concerned about the effects that excessive alcohol consumption can have on our students e.g. mental and physical health issues, poor academic performance and increased risk of being a victim of crime.

The University and SU have agreed this Responsible Alcohol Statement on responsible alcohol consumption.  

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Keele is proud to be an Alcohol Impact Accredited University. This means that we have a successful partnership between Keele University and KeeleSU to implement and evaluate an institutional approach to managing student alcohol consumption. Keele is committed to supporting responsible alcohol consumption amongst our students, both on and off-campus, to establish a norm of responsible alcohol consumption and promote safer attitudes and beliefs towards alcohol use.

Each year we carry out a survey on alcohol consumption, which all students are invited to complete. A recent survey revealed that:

  • 42% of Keele students drink less than once a week
  • 75% of Keele students agree that you don’t need to drink to have a good night out
  • 81% of Keele students agree that consuming too much alcohol quickly can negatively affect their night out with friends by cutting it short
  • 72% of Keele students said nowadays they think more about their behaviour when they drink than they used to
  • 66% of Keele students agree that pacing themselves when drinking allows them to have a better night out for longer ‌