Raising a concern

How to raise a concern or complaint about prohibited substances on campus

The wellbeing of our student community is vital - not only can drugs and alcohol affect the individuals misusing them, but the people around them - such as friends, family, flatmates, neighbours, or even others on a night out. And from the perspective of the person misusing, having intervention at an early stage might help a situation from spiralling out of control.

We encourage you to be aware of how students around you are behaving, and to take action if you suspect any form of substance misuse, particularly where you think someone’s health and safety could be in jeopardy.

Each case brought to our attention is assessed individually, whether it’s about possession, dealing or supply of illegal substances.

If you need to get in touch to complain about an issue related to drugs, please get in touch with Security:
+44(0)1782 733004 (24/7)

If you would also like to discuss the impact on your own, or another student’s welfare, you might also want to get in touch with Student Services:
+44(0)1782 734481

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to make a complaint about another person or to be that person that reports an issue. However, we encourage everyone to be responsible and to take the consideration of others into account. If you do choose to make a complaint or raise concerns for another person and wish to remain anonymous, please discuss this with the person that you raise the complaint or issue to, and they can discuss these options with you.

SafeZone is Keele's free campus safety app which provides 24/7 safety reassurance. Find out more and download it from your app store. 

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