Getting support for yourself or a friend

There is support and guidance available for any students affected by drug problems - this help comes from the University and also external support services too. If it’s you yourself who recognise you have a problem, please be assured that we will help you empathetically and do our best to help you access services that will increase your health and wellbeing.

We are committed to:

  • educating our students on the dangers of substance misuse
  • encouraging you to you to make safe and informed decisions about drug and alcohol use
  • preventing and intervening at an early stage
  • supporting the students most in need - which sometimes involves helping you access a specialist external service

Keele help and support

Reaching out is the first step. Talk to somebody. You might find it easiest to speak to a friend or loved one first - or for others they’d prefer someone who doesn’t know them at all.

Here are some suggestions for a member of the Keele community you can speak to:

The University and Students’ Unions run activities throughout the year to increase awareness and understanding of drug and alcohol misuse. Look out for stalls at events throughout the year, including during national Alcohol Awareness Week which runs each November, and for other events on the Keele App.

External services

It’s important to have honest, unbiased information about drugs and the effects they can have. If you need help, or want to help a friend, we recommend the following resources:

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