Rules and regulations

Keele's rules on prohibited substances.

We need to be clear - we don’t condone the possession, use or supply of illegal drugs or any substance prohibited by the University by any of our students, in any way, in any location.

Disciplinary procedures could apply if you also knowingly allow another person to use such drugs within your University accommodation, even if you’re not the person using them.

There are serious potential consequences of misconduct related to drug or alcohol misuse, and it will normally be subject to disciplinary action as detailed in Regulation B1. Examples of actions include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Having to undertake a mandatory drug awareness programme
  • Having to leave your University accommodation
  • Being temporarily or permanently withdrawn from your course.
  • Having a legal duty to inform the police - which could result in your criminal prosecution

Having a firm stance on substance misuse helps us protect the University community and show that it’s #NeverOK.

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