Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry 

(2018 Entry)


Medicinal chemistry is at the heart of the Pharmaceutical industry which develops lead compounds into viable drugs to cure disease. You could take up the challenge of developing the next generation of antibiotics, research effective drugs against major international diseases such as malaria and develop targeted cures for cancer.  The Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry MChem at Keele will equip you the skills you need to begin your research career.

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3 Years/ 4 years with Integrated Masters

UCAS code: F124

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Course Overview

During your first two years you will be taught in our state of the teaching laboratories using industry standard modern equipment and embedding professional laboratory practice.  There is a focus on developing your understanding of fundamental chemical principles which you then apply when you study how drugs are developed and are metabolised by the body.

Analytical chemistry plays a crucial role within drug discovery and you will be both the theory and the practice of these techniques. Alongside these scientific skills you will also develop transferable skills such as presentation to a wide range of audiences, time management and working in teams.

In Years 3 and 4 you develop your research skills alongside specialist knowledge in areas of chemistry and medicinal chemistry that interest you.

Your Year 4 research project has you working in our research laboratories on a project selected from you, from analysing drug metabolites, to developing new synthetic routes to active molecules and undertaking structure activity studies to enhance the potency of lead compounds.

What will this mean for my future?

The research skills you will develop throughout the four years of your degree are highly sought after by research establishments in both academia and industry.  Many will choose to continue their studies with a PhD in an area of medicinal chemistry often funded by the UK research councils and industry.  Alternatively opportunities exist for those students wanting to go directly into the pharmaceutical industry, the UK’s largest Research and Development manufacturing sector.