January 2021 Intake

In addition to the traditional September intake, The Foundation Year offers January starts across all *Science, Humanities, Social Sciences and Business routes. 

Our January start provides you with an alternative opportunity to complete a preparatory course of study, which will better prepare you for your chosen degree at our highly rated university. Upon successful completion, you will progress onto your chosen single or combined honours degree the following September. 

The January start point is open to all students and will particularly suit those who are not ready to start in autumn or who would like longer to plan for their studies. It is also appealing to students who wish to complete their Foundation Year in a compressed time-frame (January to September) but without loss of teaching weeks or acceleration of teaching and content delivery. The number of weeks of teaching and number of credits taught are equivalent to the September start.  

*Unfortunately we are unable to offer a January intake for the Veterinary Medicine and Surgery degree with Foundation Year and other health-related Foundation Year degrees. 

Key Semester Dates:   




Semester 1 

Early January 


Semester 2 


Mid July 

Reassessment period 

Late August 

Progression to Year 1 of degree 


January 2021 intake entry requirements:

Entry requirements for our foundation years start from 40 UCAS Tariff points. However, we will also consider applicants who may not have traditional academic qualifications but have work experience or vocational qualifications.

It's easy to apply: Just choose which degree you want to apply for and contact our admissions team today.

Call our Admissions Team now: 01782 734010
For international callers, please dial: +44 (0)1782 734010                                                                                                               
Email: admissions@keele.ac.uk


Please read the FAQ section below for advice and guidance on any specific questions you may have relating to the Foundation Year January intake.

We currently offer January Foundation Year routes into degrees across *Science, Humanities, Social Sciences and Business. Students wishing to study a health related subject can only apply for a September intake. 

*We are currently unable to offer a January intake for the Veterinary Medicine and Surgery with Foundation Year degree. 

All of the degrees ran by the Schools listed below can be accessed via a January Foundation Year route. All you need to do is decide which degree you want to study. 




We welcome international students onto either the International Foundation Year and the International Degree Programme. Both have have a January and September intake. You can find further information about these routes, including guidance on how to apply and entry requirements here

If you are an international student who will be starting your Foundation Year course in January, we offer guaranteed accommodation on campus if you apply for accommodation between 1st and 31st October 2020. Terms apply. Please visit our accommodation pages for further information

Students enrolling onto one of our Foundation courses in September 2020 or January 2021 will receive our new International Support package worth over £2,000.

The January and September programmes are very similar, and both cohorts study a total of 120 credits. Modules will be determined by your degree choice, although modules delivered from January may differ from the modules delivered in September. Both cohorts will take a combination of subject-specific modules and study-skills modules which will provide you with a solid grounding in your subject area.


Student loans are available through the Student Loans Company: 



The following information is based on the current advice given by the SLC, which may be subject to change. You will receive a maintenance loan from the Student Loans Company (SLC) throughout the duration of your course.  Since you are commencing your course in January, for the purpose of calculating your maintenance loan entitlement, January will be used by the SLC as the start month for each year of your maintenance loan.  You will receive each year's maintenance loan, paid into your bank account, in three equal instalments, paid in the following months: 

Year 1 - Jan 2021, April 2021 and September 2021 

Year 2 - Jan 2022, April 2022 and September 2022 

Year 3 - Jan 2023, April 2023 and September 2023 

Year 4 - Jan 2024, March 2024 and May 2024 


Your maintenance loan entitlement will be calculated based upon the number of teaching weeks in each of the above years.  Since Year 4 will finish in June 2024, there will be fewer teaching weeks than in years 1 to 3, so your maintenance loan entitlement will be lower to reflect the shorter period of teaching.  However, this will still be paid in three equal instalments, in the months noted above. 

Students wishing to start in January 2021 should contact the Admissions office directly.

If you are starting your Foundation Year in January, there will be limited campus accommodation available and please note that you may be placed in a household of students who arrived at the start of Semester 1. If we are unable to offer you a room on campus, we will support you in finding a room off campus with one of our accredited landlords.  You can find out more about living off campus at  www.keele.ac.uk/discover/accommodation/otheraccommodation/livingoffcampus/