James, Sociology

Sociology provides multiple opportunities for discussion, particularly about inequalities within the world. Studying Sociology at university helps to provide an awareness of society and the issues infiltrating it, particularly within today's social climate. 

First year is all about getting into good habits, while enjoying yourself. Don't leave assignments until the night before they are due - if it involves reading and then reviewing a book, start the reading well in advance, otherwise everyone will be desperate to find a copy of that particular book within the library. The Sociology team offer great support and advice if there are ever times that you are unsure on how to approach something, and the assessment through Study Skills portfolios will help you, as a first year, to start building upon key academic skills.
Normally, first year students are anxious to buy textbooks that cover the whole course. My advice is that it isn't necessary to buy one as such; every piece of essential reading (e.g. chapters, articles) can be found within your course reading list in a digitised form. Sometimes, you may need to buy a copy of a sociological book for a critical appreciation, but these can usually be found very cheap on Amazon or there are copies in the fantastic library. Should you undertake a critical appreciation within Researching British Society, I would recommend Cohen's Folk Devils and Moral Panics: The Creation of Mods and Rockers or Oakley's Housewife. Students who have studied these previously may still have copies available which they donate early in the first semester to the library - which you can then get for free.
Some days may be busier than others, depending on how many classes you have in a day. But it is crucial to work outside of class - even if it means setting aside an hour a day to complete key readings for tutorials or to work on your assignment.