MDS-30013 - Sustained Media Practice - ISP
Coordinator: Mandy Mcateer Tel: +44 1782 7 33499
Lecture Time: See Timetable...
Level: Level 6
Credits: 30
Study Hours: 300
School Office: 01782 733147

Programme/Approved Electives for 2023/24


Available as a Free Standing Elective





Successful completion of any one of the following modules:
MDS 10009 Digital Video
MDS 10011 The Photographic Message
MDS 20023 Creating Awareness Campaigns
MDS 20018 Thinking Photography
MDS 20020 Making the News

Barred Combinations

MDS-3XXXX Dissertation in Media, Communications and Culture

Description for 2023/24

Sustained Media Practice is an independent study programme intended to enable you to develop, synthesise and enhance the range of aptitudes, abilities and theoretical frameworks learned within all the modules previously undertaken in Media, Communications &Culture. Although the module leader will offer you assistance, as well as monitor and review your progress over the two semesters, the initiation, development, and completion of the project will be your own responsibility.
The Media Project is an important part of the Media, Communications and Culture degree because it is intended to enable students to show how they can orchestrate, creatively and systematically, both the theoretical and practical aspects of their work within a major independent project. This independent project will accumulate into an exhibition of student work. The projects are always varied and you can choose to develop any area of Media Communications and Culture which interests you. Previous projects have been narrative films, documentaries, photographic projects, installations and performance pieces.

To allow students to develop a sustained professional practice that will form a degree show exhibition and enable students to make, theorise and professionally curate a sustained practical body of work utilizing practical techniques within a theoretical/intellectual framework.

Talis Aspire Reading List
Any reading lists will be provided by the start of the course.

Intended Learning Outcomes

pursue successfully a major independent project; will be achieved by assessments: 1
demonstrate the complex skills needed to research, structure and present a piece of sustained visual practice; will be achieved by assessments: 1, 2
produce a professional piece of work and expand their portfolio of work; will be achieved by assessments: 1
characterise their working methodology; will be achieved by assessments: 2
demonstrate a critical awareness of their own working practices; will be achieved by assessments: 2
demonstrate a professional level of skills development. will be achieved by assessments: 1 and 2
use academic research, writing, presentational and referencing skills. will be achieved by assessments: 1, 2

Study hours

10 hours orientation
20 hours supervision
270 hours student study, designing, researching and writing up

School Rules


Description of Module Assessment

1: Project weighted 50%
A substantial media, visual or artisticproduction.
Students will produce a substantial visual, media or artistic project based on a topic agreed between the student and supervisor. The project will be exhibited with accompanying documentation. Marking Criteria: Aesthetic and technical accomplishment, according to criteria outlined in the Course Handbook, integration of theoretical and practical materials, accomplishment of aims and objectives final presentation of visual project.

2: Evaluation of Practice weighted 50%
A 2,500 word exhibition catalogue.
Students produce an exhibition catalogue from a workbook which they will have used to document their project over the two semesters with images and explanatory text, including: the aims and objectives of the project; idea development; a description of the creative process and techniques adopted; analysis of the works of others; and a critical self-evaluation. The supervisor will offer feedback on the workbook/catalogue as part of the ongoing consultation process between student and supervisor.