Teaching Facilities

Whether it's health, humanities, science or our business programmes, Keele's world-class teaching and research facilities are continually invested in and developed to provide an enriched student learning experience. Our facilities provide our students with ‘real-world’ experience, to expand their knowledge and skills to create career-ready graduates and our academics with the modern research resources to enable them to continue their world-leading research findings.

Anatomical laboratories and modern dissecting room

Anatomical laboratories

Our Anatomical laboratories and modern dissecting room, surgical training simulation with audio-visual equipment is linked to a three-station wet laboratory, seminar room and lecture theatre, along with embalming facilities provide our Medicine students with truly outstanding resources and teaching facilities that are the envy of many and provide our students with those critical real-life experience and competence.

Bloomberg Suite

Bloomberg Suite

Financial Bloomberg suite gives our students access to economic, financial and business real-time data, world news, analyses and reports from the world’s biggest financial organisations. It is a widely used platform of economic, financial and business information in the financial industry.

Clinical Education Centre

Clinical Education Centre

The Nursing & Midwifery clinical skills centre provide practical ‘hands-on’ teaching and experience to build and develop essential nursing and midwifery proficiencies, for our students to take forward in their career.

Crime Scene House

Crime Scene House

Our crime house provides students with hands-on experience in a typical environment encountered by a forensic scientist, to give real-world experience to develop knowledge and much needed skills.

Overclockers high-tech computer gaming station suite used by computer science and mathematics students to develop and build the skills needed to work in this fast-growing and ever-changing field.

Pharmacy provides a range of innovative teaching with facilities that include a virtual 3D interactive teaching facility, dispensing pharmacy suite and science laboratories.


Our highly ranked Psychology programmes, are well resourced with laboratories that house state-of-the-art equipment, including EEG equipment and eye-tracking, observation suites, and a suite of labs for qualitative research.

Allied Health Professions, including our Physiotherapy, Exercise and Rehabilitation Science and Radiography programmes, have access to a variety of modern and specialist equipment to facilitate learning and teaching of clinical skills.

It’s not every university that has an incredible on-site observatory, but Keele student’s studying Physics and Astrophysics have access to this amazing facility, which also houses a telescope used by Einstein.

A high-quality multi-use learning environment designed to enhance our Law students’ development and provide a site for further interactions between students and the legal profession.

Our recent investments has seen the expansion and redevelopment of Keele science facilities that now offers world-class teaching and research facilities that form our multi-discipline central science laboratories, which include our Sir David Attenborough laboratories.

Our extensive library located at the centre of campus is accessible 24/7 throughout term time. It is also home to our Careers and Employabilty team, who provide a range of career information and support during your studies. There is also a dedicated Health library, based at our Clinical Education Centre.

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