About Sociology

Sociology has been taught at Keele for over 50 years and we are proud of our approach to the discipline that combines a recognition of the need to understand the tradition of the subject with a focus on creativity, innovation, and problem solving in real world social situations. We are strongly committed to the provision of an intellectually challenging and supportive space of learning and teaching that can enable students to think creatively and critically about the social world and develop skills that will be valuable in the world of work and beyond in their personal lives. In order to ensure that our teaching is live, and that it engages with current social concerns relevant to students, our practice is based in our internationally recognised research and engagement with the wider sociological community. This means that our students are taught by research active staff who are engaged in exploring the contemporary social world in the context of a subject that is characterised by the need to solve pressing social issues on both a local and global scale.

Given the history of Sociology at Keele, which is based in a recognition of the need to understand tradition and enable innovation and creativity, our students consistently rank the subject highly in the National Student Survey exceeding 90% satisfaction. This is supported by what our students tell us about the quality of the programme. If you would like to know more about Sociology at Keele, please browse our website or take a look at our social media pages: Blogger icon facebook icon and ‌. Alternatively, you can contact us to ask a question.  

Dr Emma Head
Director of Programmes in Sociology