Keele joins global media initiative to combat climate crisis

Keele has joined more than 200 organisations and news outlets from around the world that have signed up for Covering Climate Now, a media collaboration devoted to covering global climate emergency news.

This unique media initiative, timed to coincide with the landmark UN Climate Action Summit in New York, is the first initiative of Covering Climate Now, a project co-founded by The Nation and the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR), in partnership with The Guardian, which aims to kick-start a conversation among journalists about how news outlets can improve their coverage of the climate crisis.

All organisations have committed to proactively increasing climate coverage in the lead-up to the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York on 23 September. At that meeting, the world’s governments will submit plans to meet the Paris Agreement’s pledge to keep global temperature rise “well below” 2 degrees Celsius.

Keele is one of only two UK universities to sign up to the Covering Climate Now initiative, reaffirming its position as a world-leading environmental university and its commitment to embed sustainability across all aspects of the institution.

“The need for solid climate coverage has never been greater,” said Kyle Pope, CJR’s editor and publisher. “We’re proud that so many organisations from across the US and around the world have joined with Covering Climate Now to do our duty as journalists—to report this hugely important story.

Covering Climate Now now ranks as one of the most ambitious efforts ever to organise the world’s media around a single coverage topic. In addition to The Guardian - the lead media partner in Covering Climate Now - Keele University joins major newspapers, magazines, television and radio broadcasters, research institutes, and global news and photo agencies.

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