Institute for Sustainable Futures

The Institute for Sustainable Futures contributes to research, education and training that has positive impact on the long-term sustainability of our societies, environments and ecosystems across local to global scales.

We bring together the natural and social sciences, arts and humanities, and work with staff who already explicitly align their research to the sustainability challenges we face, as well as work with others to develop the sustainability and sustainability applications of their work. We work closely with a range of local to global stakeholders, from business, to community groups, non-governmental organisations, and government, to identify the real problems that our societies, environments and ecosystems face, and work collaboratively on solutions to make our research have real impact.

The Institute for Sustainable Futures is inclusive, supporting all those, at any stage of their career, and from any background, who want their work to contribute to a more sustainable future. We bring together different disciplines and stakeholders, those that may not often meet, with a view to respectfully sharing different perspectives, understanding and methods, and through this developing, holistic, innovative solutions to some of the world's sustainability challenges.

We support the development of researchers both new and established, through opportunities to meet with different disciplines and stakeholders, through our interdisciplinary seminar series, continuing professional development courses, through mentoring in sustainability applications and impact, through support for grant applications, writing retreats and reading groups and through increasing the profile and dissemination of Keele's sustainability research.

We provide resources, expertise and case studies highlighting the sustainability linkages of different disciplines drawn from the cutting edge of applied research; the potential for research-led student projects through a 'Living Lab' approach using the campus and other projects as 'test beds' for sustainability solutions; as well as research on education and sustainability - all ensuring strong links between our sustainability education and research at Keele.

We provide opportunities beyond the formal learning environment to learn about sustainability challenges and our collective and individual role in responding to these, through our interdisciplinary seminar series, the opportunity to contribute to research projects testing sustainable solutions through our Living Lab approach, and through our training programmes relating to sustainability research and action.

We provide a structure to develop the institution's research in sustainability, allowing us to capitalise on our existing strengths in sustainability research and the opportunities posed by our world-leading sustainability infrastructure projects such as SEND and HyDeploy, making it easier to coordinate and catalyse upon sustainability work across the estate,research and education, and providing a coherent external face to our sustainability research supporting our engagement with business and government,and ensuring that our sustainability research has national and international standing and influence.

We work to ensure that the intellectual and financial resources at Keele University are employed to best benefit both society and the environment, that our research has impact, and contributes to a more sustainable future for all.