BFSU delegation visit Keele University ahead of student exchange this September

A delegation from Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) recently visited Keele University ahead of its students spending a year in the UK to study on the joint diplomacy degree programme that is run in partnership by the two universities.

The delegation from BFSU, China’s oldest foreign language teaching university, visited Keele ahead of the arrival of 79 students who will be living and studying at Keele University from September 2020.

The International Governance and Public Policy degree programme, the first of its kind on diplomacy that is designed and delivered collaboratively between the two Chinese and UK universities, is an interdisciplinary course combining elements of three subjects: international relations and diplomacy; international business; and international law.

The delegation, led by BFSU Vice President Yan Guohua, met with Keele University’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Trevor McMillan and Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Shane O’Neill to confirm plans ahead of the students’ arrival in the UK and to explore further opportunities to strengthen the collaboration between the universities.

During the visit the delegation also toured Keele University’s library and student accommodation facilities, explored how the students will be supported by the University during their time in the UK, and met with academic teaching colleagues to discuss the content and delivery of the programme.

The programme will help meet the Chinese government’s ambitions to develop talented graduates who will be able to represent the country effectively in the area of diplomacy, foreign affairs, economic and cultural exchanges, and international communication.

Founded in 1949 by Lord Lindsay, who had previously been Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, Keele is a world-class campus university providing the highest quality learning and research environment for students and staff. The University is a place of academic excellence in health, humanities and social sciences, and natural sciences.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Shane O’Neill said: “We were delighted to welcome Vice President Yan Guohua and other senior colleagues from BFSU to Keele, for what has been a very productive and positive series of meetings. We are all very confident that the first cohort of 79 students who are due to arrive here at Keele this coming September will have an intellectually challenging and culturally enriching year as they integrate with other students on campus.

“This is an important step as we continue to make progress in developing a deep, broad and long-lasting collaboration between our two institutions.”

Vice President Yan Guohua said: “Keele is very strong in international relations and this is an area that we at BFSU would like to strengthen, so Keele can provide great help in this area. This is why we developed this co-operative programme and we are all very happy with what we have achieved.

“I can see that Keele has done lots of preparations academically and logistically for our students and I am very grateful for Keele, with the great help of Professor McMillan who personally gives a lot of help and guidance to this programme. I am sure that there will be great achievements when our Chinese students come to study at Keele.”