Why study at Keele?

We’re proud that students from over 150 countries have studied at Keele, learning from our eminent academics, advancing knowledge, and contributing to our global impact.

Keele University is ideally situated in the heart of England, just an hour from both Manchester and Birmingham, and offers a world-class educational experience. We are well regarded for the breadth of our teaching, and successively rank at the top of student satisfaction surveys.

Everything is on your doorstep at Keele. Our beautiful 600-acre campus is self-contained, with student accommodation, teaching buildings, restaurants and cafés, a sports centre, and medical centre all within easy reach.

Our student population is small yet cosmopolitan, and there’s a great sense of community. You’ll soon feel at home, and you’ll make and meet friends wherever you go.

We deliver a unique and international learning experience. We teach in small groups, provide one-to-one access to our academics, and value the quality of our teaching as highly as our cutting-edge research.

Whether you’re considering a foundation course or an undergraduate degree, an MA or a PhD, Keele is a place where students thrive.