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As a University community, we are always here for you.

What to do if you experience racism

We hope you don’t ever experience racism or race inequality from another member of the Keele community, but we have to accept that everyone is in control of their own actions, and comes to University with different norms and experiences.

If you ever encounter anything which makes you uncomfortable, either in-person or online, we encourage you to report it to the University so that we can support you. There might also be situations where it is appropriate to involve external organisations too - find out more on our hate crime web page.

If you have been witness or victim to a serious incident, please report it. 

If you have experienced, seen or heard something which you consider a ‘microaggression’, we, as a University, still want to know – it’s only once we know the extent of a problem that we can put steps in place to mitigate it. 

The best thing you can do is contact the Student Services Centre to report any severity of incident, including microaggression. You can also contact ASK at KeeleSU, if you would prefer to speak to someone independent.

To make an online anonymous report, you can use our online anonymous reporting tool to do this. You can also visit our hate crime page to learn about other reporting options. 

It’s incredibly important to make sure you are looking after your mental health. We have in-house counselling and mental health service, a network of trained mental health peer supporters, and can recommend safe self-help resources such as Togetherall too. 

In particular, our Start to Success team have recently developed two guides to support the mental health of black people - one guide aimed at black students, and the other for their friends and peers.

You can seek advice or report an incident/concern to your link HR Manager or Adviser. The BAME staff network act as a forum for the sharing of experiences and advice amongst BAME staff at Keele. You can also seek advice and support from one of our recognised Trade Unions.

You can report incidents of hate crimes, incidents, discrimination and microaggressions here

Staff Health and Wellbeing support is available through our Department of Occupational Health, please visit their pages on the intranet to find out more, including information on the Staff Counselling service.

You can also find out more about external reporting options on our ‘hate crime’ page, some of which enable you to stay anonymous.

Within Keele:

External organisations:

*Some of the resources may contain upsetting scenes and explicit language*


Articles and websites


  • Why I Am No Longer Talking To White People About Race: Reni Eddo-Lodge
  • White Fragility - Robin DiAngelo
  • Me and White Supremacy: Layla F Saad
  • The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Alex Haley and Malcolm X
  • Natives, Akala
  • Brit(ish), Afua Hirsch
  • Girl, Woman, Others, Bernardine Evaristo
  • Black and British, David Olusoga
  • How to be Anti-racist, Ibram X. Kendi

External organisations: