Examination boards

The constitution, membership and responsibilities of Subject Examination Boards are described in Regulation D3 Boards of Examiners.

Details of the procedures to be followed in the instance of an external examiner being unable to attend a meeting of the Board of Examiners can be found here: Procedures to be followed for non-attendance at exam boards and the forms completed and returned to the Head of Academic Quality and Student Conduct.

Word versions: Non-attendance at Exam Boards PROFORMA A and Non-attendance at Exam Boards PROFORMA B.

2021/22 Examination Boards

Please find below detailed guidance for the operation of Examination Boards during Summer 2022. 

The University expects all examination boards this summer to be conducted online, like last year. For information about the technical aspects of running an online examination board, please watch the video provided by IDS to support you.

Guidance for Subject Examination Boards (2022)‌‌ – this has been redeveloped this academic year and details all the guidance. If you have any queries in relation to the guidance document, please contact Dorothea Ross-Simpson, Head of Academic Quality and Student Complaints, or Ed McCauley, Quality Assurance Manager, either on Teams or on d.e.ross-simpson@keele.ac.uk or e.mccauley@keele.ac.uk 

Word templates: Template Agenda for Subject Boards and Template Minutes for Subject Boards

Operational guidance for the processing of marks and awards for finalist undergraduate students (2022) and Explanation of data on AWD11 report - Additional Calculation Method (2022)

If you have any queries in relation to the operational guidance, please contact Laurence Fuller, Head of Student Records and Examinations or Jo Hicks, Deputy Head of Records and Exams either on Teams or on l.fuller@keele.ac.uk or j.hicks@keele.ac.uk‌‌‌‌‌‌