Post-Graduate Taught Modules within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Module titleStarting monthsCredits
Acute and Hyperacute Stroke   15
Acute Respiratory Deterioration and Critical Care Oct 15
Advanced Critical Care Practitioner Sept 60
Advanced Leadership - Community Engagement   15

Advanced Practice in Computed Tomographic Colonography

Sept 60 
Advanced Management of the Respiratory Complications of Neuromuscular Disorders April 15
Advanced Work Based Practice Project Sept 60
Applied clinical Anatomy 1 Sept 15
Applied clinical Anatomy 2 Jan 30
Applied Morphological Techniques and Imaging   30
Applied Surgical Anatomy Sept 15
Assessment and Measurement Jan 15
Assistive Technologies in Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Nov 15 or CPD only
Basic Skills in Surgical Practice   15
Behaviour Change for Health and Well-Being March 15
Clinical Audit   15
Clinical Effectiveness Oct 15
Clinical Leadership May 15 
Clinical Pharmacy   10 or CPD plus
Communication Skills for Health Professionals in Clinical Practice Feb 15
Community Pharmacy   15 or CPD plus
Community Stroke: Prevention and Life after Stroke   15
Concepts of Neurological Rehabilitation Jan 15
Contemporary Challenges in Healthcare Ethics and Law Nov 15
Contemporary Mental Health Issues in Primary Care Apr 15
Core Skills in the Care of Critically Ill Surgical Patients   15
Critical Care Practice Sept 30
Developing Gastroenterology Care for Specialist Practice Jan  30
Dissertation (School of Health and Rehabilitation)  Sept  60
Dissertation (School of Nursing) Sept  60
Drug Therapy in Rheumatology Practice TBC  30
Dynamic Ultrasound Imaging Feb  15
Essentials of Manual Therapy Assessment Feb 15
Evidence Based Practice Jan 15
Following the Money: Finance in the NHS Oct 15
Foundation Medical Practice Anytime  30
Governance and Assurance in Healthcare   15
Health Assessment in Clinical Practice Jan 30 
Health Informatics Feb 15
Independent Practice Based Study Anytime 30
Independent Professional Practice Development Sept 30
Independent Prescribing   45
Independent Study Sept / Jan 15

Independent & Supplementary Prescribing for Allied Health Professionals

Sept 30 

Independent and Supplementary Nurse/Midwife Prescribing


Independent & Supplementary Prescribing (Level 3)

Introducing Acupuncture Dec 15
Introducing Acupuncture APEL Jan 15
An Introduction to Clinical Effectiveness
Jan 15 
Laparoscopic Skills in Surgical Practice Sept 15
Leadership and Management for Healthcare Professionals May 15
Leadership for Patient Safety Sept 15
Leadership for Patient Safety Sept 30
Managing Change and Quality Improvement   15
Medical Education Anytime 15

Medical Education for the Faculty of Advanced Life Support within Healthcare Education (ADVLS) of the Recussitation Council (RCUK) and the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG)

Sept 30 (PGA-ADvLS)
Mentorship (Face to Face)  Sept / April 15 Level 7 credits
Motor Control Retraining of Movement Dysfunction Jan 30
Multivariate Methods   10
Musculoskeletal Management at the Interface Jan 30

Newborn Infant Physical Examination



Performance Stability APEL Jan 15
Physical Assessment B Lower Limb and Spine TBC 15 
Physical Assessment in Rheumatological Practice 1 Sept 15 
Physical Assessment in Rheumatological Practice 2 Feb 15 
Physiology and Pharmacology of Pain Mar 15
Physiology of Neuromusculoskeletal Tissues Oct 15
Practice Development and Advancement through Work Based Learning Sept 30

Practice Teacher Award

Sept 30 (PGA-ADvLS)
Principles and Practice of Joint and Soft Tissue Injection Sept 15
Project - Clinical Medicine    
Psychological & Social Aspects Of Care
Sept/Jan 15 
Psychosocial Aspects of Pain Nov 15
Public Health and Social Policy Sept 15 
Reflective Practice Anytime 15
Reliability Analysis   5
Research Methods in Health Oct / Jan 15
Research In Rheumatological Practice
 TBC 15
School Age Health & Well Being Sept  30
Specialist Community Practice Sept 30 
Statistics and Epidemiology June 15
Strategic Management of Patients with Long Term Conditions Sept 15
Stroke Research   15
Stroke Service Development and Improvement   15
Supporting People with Long Term Conditions    

The Developing Child

Sept 30 

Work Based Learning

Sept  30

Working in Partnership to Support People with Long Term Conditions

Module titleStarting monthsCredits