Prevention, Performance & Rehabilitation – Faculty Research Theme (FReT)

FReT Lead: Dr Sue Hunter (

Deputy FReT Lead: Dr Andrew England (


To design, conduct and implement interdisciplinary, collaborative and clinically relevant research, that prevents and limits the development and negative consequences of poor health, maximises physical performance, enhances self-management to improve health and wellbeing, and provides evidence to underpin, inform and optimise clinical assessment, diagnostics and rehabilitation. 

Vision (5-year vision): 

A vibrant, supportive, inclusive and highly acclaimed research community, comprising academics, clinicians, industry, students, patients and public, which has a clear strategy for prevention, performance, and rehabilitation research for the future; there will be a shared purpose and identity of subgroups built around coherent bodies of research, with national and international reputation for excellence and externally funded world-leading research that has impact, and opportunity for researchers to develop along an accessible and achievable career pathway.

Short & Medium Term Aims

  1. Increase PGR supervisory capacity in SAHP.
  2. Develop infrastructure and support for research and scholarship activity in SAHP.
  3. Increase the number and quality of research outputs (publications, conference presentations).
  4. Increase the number of external research funding applications and successes.
  5. Maintain and further develop research collaboration and partnerships with clinicians, industry and other stakeholders.
  6. Increase external visibility of the theme.

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Dates of FReT Meetings

17th December 2020   SAHP FReT Launch


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