Campus Nature Trail

Stop 12

point-12 sweet gum

On the left of the picture above is a Sweet Gum Liquidamber styraciflua. It is a native of Eastern and Southern USA and is frequently planted in parks and gardens for its autumn colours - though these can be fickle at times! To its right are three small memorial trees - a Magnolia liliiflora, a Pin Oak Quercus coccinea and a Scarlet Oak Quercus palustris.

point-12-2 false acacia

On the left of the picture is a False Acacia Robinia pseudoacacia. It is a native of eastern and mid-western USA and is common in parks and gardens and as a street tree. It has lovely racemes of white pea-like flowers but these rarely appear at Keele. It does provide a good display in Newcastle and in Stafford though. Look closely at this tree and you will see a birch growing out of a cleft in the trunk!

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