Visiting research and traineeships

Keele University welcomes visiting research students and trainees. 

Visiting research students and trainees are generally considered under the following categories:

  • Visiting researchers (and non graduating students)
  • Erasmus+ students
  • Erasmus+ traineeships

Visiting researchers and non graduating students

"Visiting students" are classified as students who are studying or carrying out research at the University for a short period of time- usually for less than or up to one year. For information on application process please visit the Keele Doctoral Academy 

Erasmus+ Students

Erasmus+ students are able to visit Keele to undertake a research placement or a traineeship.

Students from one of Keele's partner universities looking to do a research placement would generally be covered under an Erasmus+ Agreement with the student's home university. There is an application process managed by the Global Opportunities Team. Students looking to undertake a research based placement would need:

  • Nomination from the home university. And;
  • Evidence of English language competency. And;
  • Contact details of the proposed supervisor at Keele with evidence of their approval.

Traineeships and research placements from non Keele partner universities are managed by the central admissions team, not through Global Opportunities. An application form should be submitted to the Faculty and all students will require: 

  • A letter from the home institution confirming registration at that institution, course dates, satisfactory progress on the course and their support for the proposed study at Keele University for the proposed time. And;
  • Letter of support from the home/Keele supervisor. And;
  • Evidence of English Language competency. Keele must be satisfied that English level is sufficient for the student to work efficiently at Keele. In terms of IELTS this would correspond to the standard published entry criteria. And;
  • Copy of a current passport and details of any previous UK Visas (as applicable)

For further information, students should contact the relevant Faculty Research Office: