A guide to finding modules offered at Keele

Keele modules are listed in the Module Catalogue. Please read the frequently asked questions below before researching modules at Keele.

You can find the module catalogue in the module catalogue; the module catalogue is updated in May each year for the upcoming academic year. Please note that modules can change so you should always have a reserve list of modules.

To find a module you should start by clicking in the subject field you would like to study and then choose the level of study. Levels 4, 5 and 6 refer to years 1, 2 and 3 respectively. The terms single honours, combined honours, major and minor are aimed at Keele students undertaking a degree so you should ignore these and look in all of them. The modules are listed first by those available is semester 1 followed by semester 2. Semester 1-2 modules are year long and can only be taken by students who study at Keele for a full academic year.   

By clicking on ‘further details’ on each module you will be able to see course descriptions and assessment information.

The module catalogue can be found here.

If you have permission from your home University, you can study across a wide range of subjects* and do not need to stick you your home degree subject. For example, you could take modules from Biology, International Relations, Spanish and British Cultural Studies. You can also take all modules from one subject area.

You can also study different year levels so long as you meet any pre-requisites.   

*Please note that some subjects are not suitable for study abroad/exchange students and others will have restrictions/pre-requisites. If there is a module you would like to take that is restricted or has a pre-requisite please contact the Global Opportunities team and we will be able to help.

You should aim to take four modules per semester; most modules are worth 7.5 ECTS. This is equivalent to a full time load.

Classes and timetables are finalised in the first week you arrive at Keele. You will meet with a representative from each subject area to ensure the modules you have chosen are suitable for you. You will then have 2 weeks to add/drop classes to ensure you are in suitable modules and that you do not have a conflicting timetable. When taking modules from a wide range of subjects it is always advisable to have a reserve list of modules in case there is a timetable clash.

Yes! A favourite among visiting students is the British Cultural studies module. The final assessment is based on a topic of your choosing, will you choose Harry Potter, British Pubs, the Royal Family or come up with your own British topic? More information can be found here.

Yes, each year there are a variety of languages offered to students. You can either take a language module as part of your normal course load or as an additional module (there is a cost to this – please email us for more info). When you arrive at Keele the Language Centre will access your level of knowledge and place you in an appropriate class.

Students from a non-English speaking country undergo language assessment when they arrive – this is to ensure we can help you with your studies at Keele. Some students will have to take a compulsory English language module or we may recommend you take a class to ensure you get the best support when studying at Keele.