Yaar Dagan Peretz is currently a Ph.D candidate at Keele University, School of Law, with a Keele funded PGR Scholarship. His PhD focuses on dehumanizing effects of technology in Asymmetric Armed Conflicts. His academic project supervisor is Dr Mario Prost.

Yaar Dagan Peretz holds an LLB and an LLM from the Striks Law School at the College of Management in Israel. In the years 2010-2012 he was a Junior Lecturer for Jurisprudence at the Striks School of Law and served as faculty research assistant for the Dean of the Law School. As part of his LLB and LLM training, Yaar participated in the Summer Institute program for American Law at Fordham University, New York and took courses on EU Competition Law at both Oxford and Queen Mary Universities in England. After obtaining his LLM (with Honors) he was appointed as editor of the Law Journal of the Emile Zola Chair for Interdisciplinary Human Rights Dialogue.

Following his academic activities, Yaar worked between 2014 and 2017 as an attorney at human rights law firms in Israel, such as Tomer Warsha Law Firm, specializing in administrative and constitutional law, with particular expertise in Immigration Law and Refugee Law.

Yaar is a member of the Israeli Bar Association. He has developed expertise in International Law, Human Rights Law and Tort Law. He wrote dispositions to the Israeli Supreme Court on behalf of Palestinians who were denied work permits by the Israeli Secret Service and by Israeli police. Yaar also volunteered as an attorney with NGOs such as Arous Elbanar for Women, providing legal aid for marginalized Palestinian communities in Jaffa and HIAS, focusing on refugees and asylum seekers. 

In 2017 Yaar took part at ‘Empire, Capital & Transnational Resistance’, the 12th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference at the Centre for Applied Philosophical Politics and Ethics at the University of Brighton. His paper focused on "The Perils of Empire and Neoliberalism: the Case of Settler Colonialism in the West Bank". He also moderated a panel at the conference on the Return of Right-Wing Populism in America and Europe an on the Architectural Response to Trump’s Wall.

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