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School of Law
Keele University

Law School Office:

The main Law Office is located at the entrance to the School of Law in on the first floor, of the C wing in the Chancellors Building.

The Law Office opening hours are: Monday to Friday: 8.15 am until 4:15pm.

Telephone: +44 (0)1782 733218    Fax: +44 (0)1782 733228     Email: School of Law Office

Who to Contact in the Law Office

As a student in Law, you should familiarise yourself with the School of Law itself, ensuring that you locate and check regularly your relevant year pigeon hole and notice board. A number of other notice boards which you should also find useful are located in the School and updated regularly, such as the Careers Board.

Please ensure that you: 

  • check your Keele email account regularly as this provides the School with one of the main means of contacting you over a variety of urgent or interesting academic, pastoral and administrative matters; and
  • update your contact details through eVision should they change.

In addition to the information provided on notice boards and in correspondence, a dedicated team of support staff are on hand to advise students and to ensure the smooth administration of the School of Law at Keele. Our support staff work as a team but also have their own general areas of responsibility.


Legal Advice Clinic Office:

The Legal Advice Clinic Office opening hours are: Monday to Friday.

Email: Legal Advice Clinic

We monitor this email address three times a day.

All enquiries will receive a substantive response within 7 days, although it is more likely to be quicker. If you are a new client please note we run a 'drop in' service for both the Commercial Clinic and the Divorce Clinic as well as appointments. Please contact us for details. If you wish to book an appointment please email us details of your name, address and phone number where we can contact you.


Key Contacts in the Law School:

Admissions Tutor: t: +44(0)1782 733218 | e: 

Postgraduate Course Administrator: t: +44(0)1782 733229 | e:,

Alison Brammer, Head of School: t: +44(0)1782 733226 | e:

Sarah Lane, Senior School Manager: t: +44(0)1782 733221 | e:

Contact details for other members of staff can be found on their web profiles.