Keele welcomes 300th apprentice

Keele’s Degree and Higher Apprenticeships portfolio has now welcomed 300 apprentices across six different apprenticeship programmes.

Apprenticeships play a key role in supporting local employers and have provided opportunities for existing staff to develop new skills, as well as creating opportunities for career entrants from non-traditional backgrounds. Working with 60 employers, ranging from multi-national private sector companies, government bodies, the public sector and SMEs, the University’s apprenticeship offer continues to grow to meet local and national skills needs.

Keele’s Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence (KIITE) is involved in shaping curriculum design and delivery for the Degree and Higher Apprenticeships portfolio, working with employers to develop apprenticeship programmes in a variety of sectors. All faculties are involved in the delivery of the portfolio, and two additional apprenticeship programmes will launch ahead of the new academic year.

Ofsted hold the inspection remit for apprenticeships, meaning that the University is now in scope for an Ofsted Monitoring Visit. 

Further information about Keele's Degree and Higher Apprenticeships portfolio can be found on the Degree and Higher Apprenticeships webpage.