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The Keele Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence (KIITE) acts as a community of innovation and a showcase for the distinctiveness of our University’s educational offer: a core part of The Keele Difference.

Contingency Advice for Online Teaching, Alternative Assessment and Studying from Home

We have developed some resources to support academic staff in transitioning to online teaching, and in providing alternative assessments, during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. These resources are available on the KIITE intranet pages, via the links below.

We have also developed resources to support students studying at home, available on the 'Studying from Home' pages, via the link below. 

At Keele, we have a proud tradition of education: famous for interdisciplinary provision and for making student learning powerfully relevant to society’s challenges. The Keele Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence (KIITE) emerges from that tradition, and - in our 70th Anniversary year - re-invents the original ‘Lindsay Experiment’ for the modern student.

We draw together educational experts from across our University: academic developers, student learning experts, learning technologists and employability consultants. Together, these staff form a unique Programme Design Consultancy that, working with academic leads, designs and underpins our Distinctive Keele Curriculum. It makes tangible the refreshed Education Vision, overseen by PVC Helen O’Sullivan.

Our aim is not to react to educational delivery, or to correct it, but to design it in partnership with programme leaders, students and employers. We are outward facing in our objectives, and work in the spirit of the New Keele Deal to construct a Civic Curriculum that engages with the region and develops collective skills and knowledge.

Our mission is also to raise the profile of our brilliant educators, providing networks of pedagogical debate and action research. We recognise educational scholarship as having parity of esteem with disciplinary research, and we are ready to showcase Keele’s educational innovation to the sector and the world.

Dr Rafe Hallett, Director, KIITE

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