News and Events in 2013

December 11

Part of the criteria for gaining a bronze award in the Green Impact scheme that departments are being asked to support is to attend an arboretum walk. A group of 11 staff from Finance were the first to take up this and Dave Emley led them on a walk around the top three lakes; looking at the various trees and discussing the history of the landscape.

November 8

health and wellbeing walk

Dave Emley arranged a lunchtime walk for Health and Wellbeing Week. c30 participants walked up to the Observatory and around the Phase 3 site.

It was a glorious autumnal day and, while we saw nothing of great interest, it was an enjoyable walk. Photo by Ian Williamson.

October 7

cherry interpretation board

The interpretation board for the National Flowering Cherry Collection has finally been installed behind the Chapel, at the bottom of Cherry Tree Walk. It is hoped to have an "official" opening in the spring.

July 17

garden tiger moth Dave led a group to look at the moth trap and to hunt for butterflies in the Walled Garden.  A range of nice moths was seen including some brought in by Andy from his trap.

They included Poplar and Elephant Hawks, Large and Common Emeralds, Blackneck, Buff Arches, Buff-tip and, best of all, White Satin (last seen here in 1988) and Garden Tiger - another rarity - see photo.

Among the butterflies we saw Small Tortoiseshell, Large White, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Ringlet.

June 5

Dave Emley led a group to the Sustainability Hub and around the Phase 3 site. We took the opprtunity to look at some of the common springtime flowers which included Herb Robert, Red Campion, Jack-by-the-hedge, Creeping and Meadow Buttercups and a variety of pea flowers. Round by the ponds we saw Ragged Robin, Marsh Marigold and Brooklime. Blackcap, Garden Warbler and Chiffchaff were heard singing while a pair of Lapwings chased a couple of Crows - did they have a nest?

May 1

Cherry walk 2013

Dave Emley and Graham Lees led a lunchtime cherry walk.

Graham explained the variations in cherry flowers and the intricacies of Japanese names - plus much more!

Picture by Galina Smith.

April 25

Dave Emley led members of the "Grey Matters" group form the Sustainability Hub on a tour of the arboretum.

April 10

Dave Emley led a group of 20 delegates from the British Zeolite Association conference on a walk around the top 3 lakes.

March 4

finger post

New waymarking posts directing visitors to the Woodland Walks have been installed. There are two by Keele Hall/ringroad and one by the Clock House.

February 15

Green Week walk

Green Week. Dave Emley led a group on a lunchtime walk. We looked at identifying trees in winter using buds and bark. We also did some measurements of girth to ascertain the ages of a couple of our large oaks.

Photo by Philippa Calver